The cover and title should grab potential reader at first glance. You want to give any potential reader no choice but to check out your story. Your title needs to be compelling which would pull a reader across the webpage or the store. The title should be further strengthened by the visual elements of the cover. One question to ask yourself about your cover: “Does it represent my story and/or its message?”

Try to complete your story. There are many, many unfinished serials out there. This is probably one common reason why many readers shy away from serial fiction because they fear once they fall in love with a particular story and characters, they’ll be left hanging. So, try as best as you’re able to complete your serial or give it an ending that your readers will be satisfied with. That way, when you start another serial, the readers will be more apt to continue reading your work.

Proofread! Proofread each chapter/episode as carefully as you can before hitting that publish button! Need help with this? Here’s an article listing several proofreading tools: Top Ten Free Online Proofreading Tools for 2022.