The TuesdaySerial team is happy to congratulate Helen Howell on the publication this week of I Know You Know, a psychic thriller which had a run as a webserial last year. I Know You Know is published by Crooked Cat Books.

From the blurb from the back of the book:
Who are you?
The darkest cards in the tarot deck reveal the darkest side of the man sitting opposite Janice—Mr. Edgar Kipp.
She feigns an inability to read for him, but will he believe her?  His parting words indicate that he knows she knows he’s a serial killer. And he plans to return. 
The voice of her dead grandmother urges her to be careful, warning Janice she might be seeing her own future in those foreboding cards. 
But Janice doesn’t want to listen. Gran’s dead. 
How can she possibly help her?

Please join us in wishing Helen great success with I Know You Know, and in welcoming her to the TuesdaySerial Hall of Fame! The Graduates page is for those serials which have completed their run; the Hall of Fame is reserved for those serials that have gone on to new life in publication. You can read more about the book at Goodreads.

I Know You Know is available in print and for Kindle at, and in the same print and Kindle formats at Amazon.UK.

Helen is active on Twitter as @Helenscribbles. You can see Helen’s author pages at Amazon and at Crooked Cat.

Congratulations, Helen!