Jerry Fan, founder of JukePop Serials, has been a long-time friend of Tuesday Serial. We are pleased to tell you about a new feature JukePop Serials has added to their arsenal which will help authors and publishers gain insight about their readers. This is terrific news for JukePop serials and it also provides some “food for thought” for all serial fiction writers in determining how to analyze their serials. 

PALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwired – February 28, 2014) JukePop Serials, Inc., the “American Idol” discovery site for publishers, announced today the release of JukePop Analytics – the tool that enables readers to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback as soon as they read the next installment of a writer’s work. JukePop provides writers a platform to serialize their work one chapter at a time. With JukePop Analytics, the writer has a better, more intimate understanding of his audience than simply selling his/her work and not know whether it was abandoned after a few chapters or finished.

The tool is also very useful for publishers as it provides insight into how well a finished book will be received once it is published. Up to now, the editorial staff made the determination and only a handful of works achieve best seller status with the vast majority of titles selling only a few hundred copies, according to remarks by Self-publishing Advisor/Former Director of Stanford Publishing Courses, Holly Brady, during a panel discussion at the Palo Alto Main Library (Palo Alto, California) on February 19th.

About JukePop Analytics:

Figure 1

Figure 1

How many readers finish the story is the only accurate measure of how appealing [the story is]. JukePop’s analytics is the benefit that JukePop provides to both the publisher and the writer alike. [Figure 1]  illustrate[s] the visibility that JukePop’s analytics enables. In this example, the reader voting pattern shows a story that started out great, but loses steam continuously. But along the way there are two specific plot twists that cause readers to lose interest. (+Votes are shown on the vertical axis and chapters completed on the horizontal axis.)







Figure 2

Figure 2

In [Figure 2], the story does a fantastic job keeping readers engaged, and a plot twist around chapter 16 was received very favorably but the author cannot keep up the intensity and loses some readers interest towards the end.

With this information the writer can concentrate on the weakest chapters or know with confidence a plot twist increased the intensity of the book, and publishers can spot promising talent to include in [their] catalog.

About JukePop Inc.

JukePop was formed to help publishers better locate new emerging talent by nurturing talented writers that are often uneconomical for major publishing houses to handle. JukePop serves as a content incubator, allowing publishers, to glean the “right” books from its trove. The platform pro-actively and constantly tests readers of a specific demographic to gauge the acceptance (or not) of individual books. JukePop also provides the individual writer with access to publishing channels for his/her work. Unlike conventional and other ePublishers, JukePop’s distribution begins as soon as a writer completes his first chapter. In terms of literary content, JukePop is rejuvenating the lost art of the serial pioneered at the dawn of publishing, when authors such as Charles Dickens reached mass audiences by serializing novels a chapter at a time in newspapers that nearly everyone could afford.

Article from Market Wired reprinted with permission from JukePop Serials, Inc. For more information about JukePop Serial, check out “JukePop Serials: Call for Submissions” by Jerry Fan and, of course, check out their site.