He unlocks the door, steps inside, and turns on the lights. Everything looks in order; PJ made sure everything was cleaned up and covered before locking up at the end of last year.

Gently lifting the sheet off a large desk, he sees an old black MacBook. He plugs in the power cord, left dangling near the laptop, then opens the lid and starts it. Hearing the startup chime, he goes to get a glass of water while the computer comes back to life. In the break room, he takes down the old calendar and puts up a new one. Each Sunday has a name jotted in it. Only one of the names—his own—is familiar.

“We’re going to do this, guys,” he says, carrying his water back to the desk. He looks over at the other two desks, still covered, and makes a mental note to bring in one more desk.

Sitting down, he logs in. A browser opens, tabs containing the tools they had always used before. He adds one more tab, switches to the blog, and writes.

• • •

At the end of last year, PJ and Tony both decided to step away from #TuesdaySerial to focus on other, more important things going on around them. And so it fell to me, the last and least of the original #TuesdaySerial admins, to carry on. PJ put out a call for volunteers, and three people responded quickly (you’ll meet them soon). Still, I had things of my own going on, not the least of which is a very happy foster baby, and so the offices remained closed as 2016 waved goodbye and jammed itself in the nearest history book.

But now, it’s time to restart. We have a team, the beginnings of a schedule, and a solid infrastructure. All we need is… you. #TuesdaySerial officially re-opens the Collector on Tuesday (of course), March 7. If you’ve been continuing with a serial, or started a new one, I hope you’ll rejoin us—we have the most complete archive of serial fiction links anywhere, and it can continue to grow. We might have the biggest collection of DEBUT entries in our history, and I hope you’ll be a part of it!