Welcome to this week’s Tuesday Serial report – our final report of 2016 and our final report brought to you by the team of PJ, Tony and Larry. As we announced a couple of weeks ago, we will start 2017 with a short hiatus and Larry will carry on with Tuesday Serial, along with his new team. It’s been a great privilege for Tony and me to work on the site and help the world of serial fiction writers and readers and we wish Larry all the best with his new team!

To close out 2016, we offer up 18 new serial fiction episodes including two debuts and two conclusions.

We welcome new serials “Lance The Gallant” by J. Rodriguez and “Not Your Usual Christmas Story” by C. Golden.

And we congratulate Ellen Seltz for completing her serial “Survivor’s Trust” and Amy Notdorft for completing her serial “Secrets and Skin”.

No matter what genres you love, there’s something for you in this week’s offerings. If you’d rather read only completed serials, you’ll find some in our Graduates section (above). In our Hall of Fame, you can find serials that have been subsequently published – make an author happy and go buy one! As always, if you have questions, just let us know!

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We strive for 100% perfection every week (of course!), but if you happen to spot any mistakes or broken links in this week’s TuesdaySerial report, let us know! Happy reading (and writing!).

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