Thanks to all the readers and writers who joined us this week for #TuesdaySerial! We have 22 new serial installments this week including two debuts and four conclusions.  Maria Rich is joining us with her new serial “Redemption’s Power” and Andrew Eckhart is joining us with his serial in-progress “Last Mage.”  And we have four contributors wrapping up their series:  David G. Schrock, Helen A. Howell, W.G. Cambron, and Nerine Dorman.  Lots of reading goodness to check out.  

Last Thursday, we had a fascinating guest post- Serial vs Serialized Fiction – What? by Claudia Hall Christian. It’s a thought-provoking look at the difference between these two forms of storytelling.  This Thursday, we have Doug Lance joining us with a guest post chock full of serial wisdom  “Four Timeless Tips to Make Your Serial a Success,” so be sure to stop by for that.  You’ll also want to check out Adam Collings’ blog post about marketing serial fiction.

Web Series Writing Month is wrapping up this week.  We have had two Tuesday Serial contributors who are participating in Web Series Writing Month (WeSeWriMo): Adam Collings and Xanto Jones. We’ll be anxious to hear how the month went!

If there are any mistakes or broken links in this week’s report or if you have news to share in next week’s report, let us know.

So, here is the final list of all of this week’s participants – Please share it with your friends! Happy reading & writing! 🙂

ps Writers, if your story is missing, please leave a comment on this post with the Title, author and a link. Readers, be sure to check the comments for any late additions.


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