Greetings, writers! Last week, we launched our guest post feature with Sage Cohen who prompted us to take a look at our writing life last year to spark ideas for how to approach the coming year (and beyond!). If you haven’t read the post yet, go ahead. We’ll be here waiting until you get back … Done? Good.

In last week’s post, we invited you to consider writing a blog post in response to any or all of Sage’s questions OR to muse on your progress last year or plans for the coming year.  So, if you’d like to join up, we are hosting a blog hop January 18 (Tuesday, of course).

How does a blog hop differ from our regular collector?  Well, it starts out the same – you add the title of your post and a link to the collector, but then it will give you a piece of code that you can add to the bottom of your post which will contain a list of all the other participants in the blog hop.  In fact, you can get the code now – click on “Get the code here” below.  The idea is that readers can “hop” from blog to blog without having to return here to Tuesday Serial.  Sound like fun?  OK, then.

Questions?  Just ask away.  You can always find us on Twitter.

The collector will be open for 24 hours on Tuesday, January 18 starting at 12:01am EST Tuesday morning:

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