With the recent revival of serial fiction (some, like us at Tuesday Serial, would argue that it has been popular all along), we are seeing an increase in the number of publishers seeking out serial fiction. These efforts were underway prior to Amazon’s announcement of Kindle Serials but they all seem to be part of the same wave. We were pleased to get word this week that a relatively new player in the world of serial fiction – JukePop Serials – is now officially open for business. Jerry Fan, the founder of JukePop, and his team have recently begun accepting submissions, so we wanted to make sure that we spread the word to all of our Tuesday Serial community. Welcome, Jerry!

“JukePop Serials: Call for Submission” by Jerry Fan


Compelling storylines, cliff hangers packaged in small bites make comeback in digital age

JukePop Serials, our new website devoted to curated serial fiction from around the world is soliciting fresh content. Now available to readers using Apple devices, JukePop will shortly also launch an application for Google Android based devices.

We’re looking for unpublished or published writers in the science fiction, modern romance, urban fantasy, paranormal and other related genres who are interested in developing a devoted audience one chapter at a time. For those who can make it through our initial editing review, the exposure to new readers is unlimited.

How It Works

JukePop solicits new writers who publish their stories in chapter form. Writers can publish as often as they wish. Readers vote on the stories they like, and JukePop pays a small award to those writers for their efforts.  Eventually JukePop hopes to become a part of the growing e-publishing business, helping writers find their readership base, compile and publish their chapters into a “book” format.

We formally launched our site in September, joining Wattpad, Paperlet and others in providing talented writers with a launching pad for their work. Published content comes mainly from writers in the United States, Canada and the UK, including Australia.

We’re seeing tens of thousands of readers coming to our site on a monthly basis. Now, with our mobile apps, readers can take their stories anywhere.  This is a great opportunity for writers to build a dedicated fan base now.

JukePop Serials Seeks New Writers                                                                                       

Industry reports indicate sales of e-readers and tablets are expected to explode in 2013. Along with this influx in sales comes an audience growing ever more comfortable with e-publishing by authors.

Interestingly, some of the world’s best-loved fiction began as serial content. We’re just using technology to give readers something they already experience in music and video: bite size pieces of their favorite fiction.

You can peruse our heart-pounding fiction by some of the world’s best up-and-coming writers by checking out our homepage. You can also find out more about us by reading our FAQ and checking out our submissions page. Our reading app is …
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