We received an inquiry from a serial writer this week and we decided to turn the question back to our serial community. Our writer, let’s call him Wallace the Writer, inquires:

“I am wondering what the advantages are to using an online serial service like Wattpad and JukePop Serials. Why publish with one of them when you can post your serial on your own site?”

Sites such as Wattpad, JukePop Serials, Curiosity Quills and others are all friends of Tuesday Serial. We are posting this question to our community not to pit one site against another but to recognize that all of them have pros and cons and they also have pros and cons versus posting a serial on your own site.

Typically the advantage for these sites is that they can allow you to have access to a broader readership than you would otherwise have on your own. Depending on the site, they may also provide editing and coaching assistance. One of Wallace’s concerns, however, is determining whether those sites would be targeting an audience that would be interested in his serial. Another concern that Wallace has is whether there is enough benefit to partnering with a site to make it worth signing an exclusivity clause, as some sites require.

Have you hooked up with a site to host your serial? Did you decide to “go it alone”? How did it work out? What factors should writers consider when deciding which approach to take? We also invite folks from Wattpad, JukePop Serials, Curiosity Quills, and any other sites to stop by and share their perspectives. So, please share your thoughts for Wallace and, above all, let’s keep the conversation civil and recognize that there is no “one size fits all” solution for each writer. Any flame comments will not be approved.

Your Tuesday Serial Team

{PJ, Tony & Larry}