Working at Tuesday Serial is a weekly joy to discover new stories, promote our authors and contribute to the community of serial readers and writers worldwide.  Are you interested in helping our community thrive and grow?

We are looking for authors and/or editors who are willing to join our Editorial Staff and assist us with the inner workings of Tuesday Serial.

What does an editor do?

  • Monitor and manage serial fiction entries each Tuesday.

  • Publish daily/weekly announcements to request new entries or announce new submissions.

  • Engage new and existing fans of the site using social media.

  • Collaborate with the Editorial Staff to establish the vision and direction the site will follow.

Some other things include:

  • Write or obtain guest posts to encourage and educate our readers on aspects of serial fiction.
  • Maintain the functions of the Tuesday Serial website.
  • Configure and augment the technical deployment of our website, including site layout, SEO and social media integrations.

If the technical aspects intimidate you – no worries! We try to accommodate according to one’s strength and comfort zone. If you’re more savvy in social media or writing articles/guest posts, you got it! If you prefer to read and write reviews, you got it!

We’re flexible!

Sadly, we can’t pay you, but the reward for your work is the knowledge and satisfaction of doing something to make the world a little better for our writers and readers.

If you’re interested, please let us know in the comment field below, or send us a DM through our TuesdaySerial Twitter account.