Thanks to all the readers and writers who joined us for Week 5 of #TuesdaySerial!  This is our biggest week to-date with 16 entries!  Tony and I were very pleased with the turnout. Tell all your reading and writing friends about us – we’ll be back for more next week! 🙂

So, here is the final list of all of this week’s participants. Happy reading & writing! 🙂

ps Special thanks to Icy Sedgwick for our avatar!

pps Writers, if your story is missing, please leave a comment on this post with the Title, author and a link.  Readers, be sure to check the comments for any late additions.

  1. “Bike Mechanic: 1. Big Dummy” by Aaron M. Wilson
  2. Dirk Hartog 5 ~ “Redemption & Alleyways” by Jodi Cleghorn
  3. “Its Not You” – Crooked Fang
  4. Part 16 of The First Tale by Icy Sedgwick
  5. IN THE SHADOW OF HIS NEMESIS chapter sixty six by Al Bruno III
  6. M. B. s Pennyhorrid Part 7: “Slaven Loses Patience” by Monica Marier
  7. “Last One Standing Tall” by J. M. Rich
  8. “The Pianist” Part 2 – by P. J. Kaiser
  1. Moonlight and Merlot by Lisa Fox
  2. The Old One, Part 1 of Fire and Water by Gracie Motley
  3. THE PAGES by @ Jack_Roth – a thousand black fingers. . .
  4. Suspicion (Split Worlds) by Emma Newman
  5. Guns n Graves -IX- from Jim Wisneski ( @ wisneski)
  6. Closing Time Episode 1 by Noelle Pierce
  7. Pas de Chat, Ch. 6 pt. 1 by Katherine Nabity
  8. Wrenge (4) by Louise Dragon
  9. This linky list is now closed.