Thanks to all the readers and writers who joined us this week for #TuesdaySerial!  Our dedicated contributors present you with 24 new installments this week with one debut and two conclusions.  The debut is from Wiley Davis and both conclusions are from FARfetched.

If there are any mistakes or broken links in this week’s report, please let us know.

So, here is the final list of all of this week’s participants – Please share it with your friends! Happy reading & writing! 🙂

ps Writers, if your story is missing, please leave a comment on this post with the Title, author and a link. Readers, be sure to check the comments for any late additions.


  1. Amnar: The Expulsion Pt 69: “They Kill” by I J Black
  2. The Diary of an Unexpected Zombie Part 3 Cappy is a medical mystery by David Robinson
  3. The Diary of an Aspiring Adulteress by Trevor Belshaw
  4. Killing Time OST – 13a – Exam by Aheila
  5. The Seekers by Dash, 8. 7 – The Circle
  6. Bloggin Brimstone: Season 2/Part 2 by Jason Coggins
  7. The Magical Misfortunes of Malcolm Fluke, Episode 2 by Gordon, Tringall & Valdes
  8. Apocalypse Motors – by Wiley Davis – DEBUT
  9. Thoki & Lor Ep. 8: With friends like you. . . Monica Marier
  10. White Pickups #80 by FARfetched – CONCLUSION
  11. Accidental Sorcerers #4 by FARfetched – CONCLUSION
  12. Is It Man or Beast Part 4: Designs by A. R. Cummings
  1. Beyond Knowledge: Page 84. By Ayami Tyndall.
  2. Chs 10 & 11 of REVENGE OF THE MASKED GHOST by Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
  3. Pas de Chat, Ch. 40 pt. 1 by Katherine Nabity
  4. Vampire Zombies From Space! A Horror Serial 1. 24 – Demyx – by Meaghan Ward
  5. Meanwhile in Space. . . #28 Return to Mechatropolis, Pt 5 by Xanto Jones
  6. Moonlight and Merlot #46 by Lisa Fox
  7. A Time For Everything #4: Time To Gather Stones by Danielle La Paglia
  8. Black Alice 42) Anticlimax, Marci Sischo and James Agle
  9. The Journey of St. Laurent, Chapter 50 by Bryce Beattie
  10. Onja – Bounty Agent pt. 12 by Ren Thompson
  11. Straight Off Of Hwy 63. HooseCows (Thriller) Axel Kohagen
  12. SuperMegaNet v2 ep6: Breakfast at My Place, by Jesse Gordon
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