Thanks to all the readers and writers who joined us this week for #TuesdaySerial!  We have 22 wonderful stories for your reading enjoyment this week!  We just have one debut this week, please welcome Jason Coggins back to our group of contributors!

If I have missed mentioning any debuts or conclusions, please let me know!

Tell all your reading and writing friends about us – we’ll be back for more next week! 🙂

So, here is the final list of all of this week’s participants. Happy reading & writing! 🙂

ps Writers, if your story is missing, please leave a comment on this post with the Title, author and a link. Readers, be sure to check the comments for any late additions.

  1. Darons Guitar Chronicles by C. Tan *Voices Carry* Chapter 146
  2. Regeneration, pt 29 of Fire and Water by Gracie Motley
  3. Kandy Fangs 9 Bleed For Me by David G Shrock
  4. Mines of Misery – Episode 13 of Last One Standing Tall by J. M. Rich
  5. Shattered Remnants of a Dream #162 by Dan Luffey
  6. Bloggin Brimstone by Jason Coggins (part 1 of 20) DEBUT
  7. Amnar: The Expulsion Pt 20: “Tonight You Wait” – by I J Black
  8. Breaking an Empire #10 by James T at The Four Part Land
  9. Comic Superhero Ep 9: Hell Hath No Fury Adam Byatt @ revhappiness
  10. Thorvald’s Wyrd, Scene 103 by Lance Schonberg
  11. Vampire Zombies From Space! A horror serial by Meaghan Ward
  1. Oscars World by Col Jack Staples
  2. Beyond Knowledge: Page 36: Taste of Power. By Ayami Tyndall
  3. To See the Stars as God: Page 35: Descending to Qual. By Ayami Tyndall
  4. Pas de Chat, Ch. 25 by Katherine Nabity
  5. Rainy Rendezvous: Episode 4 – Destination Unknown by P. J. Kaiser
  6. Meanwhile in Space. . . #15 Curse of the Minotaur Part VII by Xanto Jones
  7. Moonlight and Merlot by Lisa Fox
  8. Run With It 3 by Laura Cummins
  9. SuperMegaNet v1 ep7: The Semantic Web, by Jesse Gordon
  10. In The Shadow Of His Nemesis Chapter Ninety Three By AL BRUNO III
  11. Revenge Of The Masked Ghost- Chapter 11 – “A Man for A Ghost” by Kevin Paul Shaw Broden
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