Thanks to all the readers and writers who joined us this week for #TuesdaySerial!  We have an exceptional week with 25 stories, including three debuts from Kira LernerBrainhaze and Valerie Valdes.

We also have four writers who are participating in “Web Series Writing Month” (#WeSeWriMo) over at EpiGuide.  These writers are Gracie Motley, Isabel Joely BlackCecilia Tan and C. Janelle Tuma.  Be sure to stop by and give them encouragement for their #WeSeWriMo quest as the month draws to a close.  To find out more about #WeSeWriMo, check out the week 13 #TuesdaySerial report.

Tell all your reading and writing friends about us – we’ll be back for more next week! 🙂

So, here is the final list of all of this week’s participants. Happy reading & writing! 🙂

ps Writers, if your story is missing, please leave a comment on this post with the Title, author and a link. Readers, be sure to check the comments for any late additions.

  1. Darons Guitar Chronicles by Cecilia Tan–Episode 105: Once Bitten
  2. Sucker – Crooked Fang
  3. A Waylaid Message, pt 17 of Fire and Water by Gracie Motley (Fantasy)
  4. About Schuyler Falls Ep. 4. 49 by Kira Lerner – DEBUT
  5. Anvil of Tears: Chapter 23, page 8 by Lindquist and Christensen. Maeve doesnt want help.
  6. Amnar The Inheritance Part 28 by Isabel Joely Black
  7. The Courage of Others (part 4 of 10) by Jason Coggins
  8. The First Tale, pt 28 by Icy Sedgwick – adventure thriller
  9. Shattered Remnants of a Dream #149 by Dan Luffey
  10. Snatch and the Quiet Quest | A Man Called Edgar Snatch | Elijah Toten
  11. A Shoebox III by Brainhaze. (Parts 1 and 2 also available) DEBUT
  12. Closing Time – Episode 12 by Noelle Pierce
  13. IN THE SHADOW OF HIS NEMESIS chapter 78 by Al Bruno III
  1. Not Gold, part 18 of Broommates by Valerie Valdes DEBUT
  2. MADAME BLUESTOCKING: PART 19, Enter Philomena, by Monica Marier
  3. Gunslinging 101 – No. 9 of Last One Standing Tall by Joanie Rich
  4. Guns n Graves (part 16) – Jim Bronyaur
  5. Thorvalds Wyrd 42, a Heros tale in 100-word bites by Lance Schonberg
  6. Monument Minders, Chapter 3: Thoms Dreams by Cecilia Dominic
  7. Rock the Baby – Episode 8 – Lariat by Tim VanSant
  8. Black Alice 16: You Get What You Pay For, by Marci Sischo and James Agle
  9. Moonlight and Merlot by Lisa Fox
  10. Pas de Chat, Ch. 14 by Katherine Nabity
  11. Bike Mechanic: 13. Resolving Julie – by Aaron M. Wilson
  12. Wrenge (14) by Louise Dragon
  13. This linky list is now closed.