Thanks to all the readers and writers who joined us for our inaugural week of #TuesdaySerial!  Tony and I were very pleased with the turnout and we look forward to getting up-to-date with the serials that are already in progress.  Tell all your reading and writing friends about us – we’ll be back for more next week! 🙂  We’ll b posting a wrap-up post with some thoughts on our first week soon, so stay tuned for that.

So, here is the final list of all of this week’s participants.  Happy reading & writing! 🙂

ps Special thanks to Icy Sedgwick for our neat, new avatar!

  1. “The Clearing”by P. J. Kaiser
  2. “In The Whore-House” by Jodi Cleghorn
  3. “Tales from Vertigo City – Part 12” by Icy Sedgwick
  4. “Space Blues”, part two by Isaac Liljedahl
  5. “Sasha” from Crooked Fang
  6. “Guns n Graves -V-” by Jim Wisneski
  7. “Living Lost: For the Music (five)” by Jim Wisneski
  8. “Just Enough Power – 1” by Tony Noland
    1. “Calliope Cervantes: The Art of War – Part 2, Laying Plans” by Valerie
    2. “The Four Part Land: The First Day” by James T
    3. “Eleven & Counting, Part 2” by Joanie Rich
    4. “Pas de Chat” by Katherine Nabity
    5. “Toris Row” by Nancy Brauer and MCM
    6. “Strange Little Band, ” by Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks
    7. “Spots the Space Marine, ” by M. C. A. Hogarth
    8. “IN THE SHADOW OF HIS NEMESIS chapter sixty two” by Al Bruno III
    9. This linky list is now closed.