#TuesdaySerial has a new look!

Are you feeling like you just sat down in your car and then realized it’s not your car? You’ve never done that? Oh. Me either. I was just speculating.

Well rest assured you are in the right place. We’re still the #TuesdaySerial that you’ve come to trust to bring you a collection of weekly serial episodes from generous and creative authors around the globe. This is still the place to find your next favorite story!

Our hope is that the new design will allow us to feature the authors and stories even better. It will allow you to browse stories by author or genre across multiple weeks. It will also allow our contributing authors to show more about them and how to connect and find their work.

So at the moment, we have a lot of empty categories because the first submissions in the new format will happen on Tuesday, June 4, 2019. After that, you will begin seeing the stories populating by genre and author.

If you’re an author, check out the “How to…” section under the “Writers” menu. It will show you how to create a profile and show you what the submission process will look like when it opens at midnight Tuesday morning. If you still have questions after looking at them or encounter issues, send an inquiry to chuck@chuckallen.us.