At last, the #TuesdaySerial collector has re-opened and we’ll resume a regular schedule. When PJ and Tony both decided, late last year, to focus on more important things in the real-matter world, that left only one of the original team to carry on.

Fear not, though. We have mostly new faces, along with one old one, and we’re ready to get back to work popularizing online serial fiction. Here’s the new team, in their own words:

Carrie Golden: Hey all!  I’m an Adirondack native who, obviously NOT in my right mind, relocated to North Dakota (after living over a decade in the south).  I’m a short-story writer, occasional poet, citizen journalist, serial fiction writer, and blogger.  I enjoy writing fantasy and horror fiction especially stories that have zombies or angels.  I also write about dealing with losses.  I have poetry and short works published with The Hungry Chimera, GFT Press, Asylum Ink, Piker Press, and others.

Chuck Allen: Hi, everyone. I enjoy writing a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. I’m not brave enough to try a serial yet, but it is on my list of impending projects. I love reading the variety of works found at #TuesdaySerial and meeting new writers. My writing is mostly about relationships, travel or nature. I married my high school sweetheart and we now live in the forest in central Alabama with our three teenagers. When not writing, I enjoy hiking and nature photography.

Brad Wendel: Greetings, fellow writers! Like you, I found my way to #TuesdaySerial as a means to announce my own serial fiction out to the world.  Right now, my YA science fiction serial Spaceship in a Box is getting re-worked into full-fledged novels.  In the meantime I still love to write the occasional SF or fantasy serial/short-story and read as many serials as time allows.  My wife and son live with me in Nebraska (Go Big Red!) and know to find me in front of my computer if I’m gone for long periods of time.  Looking forward to working with all of you!

Larry Kollar: I’m the leftover from the original team. #TuesdaySerial has been really good to me, which is one reason I’m still here. I’ve published two series of eBooks that were originally serials: White Pickups, and the far more popular YA fantasy Accidental Sorcerers. My day job is writing technical documentation, and sometimes that turns out to be fiction as well. 😉 When I’m not writing, I’m raising our grandson Mason and our foster baby Charlie. Sometimes, I get to do something else—raising vegetables, foraging berries, or maintaining my little roadster.