Ten is looking for a toothbrush when it happens.

He had tried to clean up quickly and was soon back in the main room while Ere took his turn in the shower. Before he slid the door shut, Ere had pointed out the kitchen cabinet where he keeps toiletries, and Ten had begun carefully picking through the collection of bottles and jars and unknown objects looking for the promised item.

He finds it, still wrapped in its paper packaging, and is pulling it from the jumble when everything falls apart. His sleeve catches on a jar and a pot of something bounces out and rolls towards the greenhouse area. Another container is knocked over by the first one and pops open on the floor. Ten hears the familiar skittering of pills and glances down to see them scatter around his feet, some rolling under the cabinets.

He swears under his breath and squats down to try to rescue them. He sweeps the majority into their bottle with one motion, but has to dig a bit for the ones under the cabinet. It’s not until he’s about to drop them back into the bottle that he sees it. A little sunburst stamp on the circular yellow pills.

His mind goes blank. Then, in the next instant, it’s filled with images.

Light refracting through a wide glass wall. A nurse in green cotton trousers and shirt. A click followed by a flash. Glass breaking. His hands, bloody.

Beautiful, God-Like Creatures

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