Every Tuesday starting at midnight Eastern Time, we will open up a new listing and give you the opportunity to share the latest installment of your webserial for our Community to enjoy. Listing your story with TuesdaySerial is FREE.


  1. Every Tuesday after midnight (Eastern time), come back to this page and click the “Click here to enter” link below.
  2. In the LINK TITLE OR BLOG TITLE field, be sure to enter the following:
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  • Please list your entry only once each week. If you have multiple versions of your entry in different languages, please give us a single link to a page and then guide the reader to select the language they wish to read.
  • Make sure the link you provide goes directly to your latest entry. Please don’t include a link to the main page for your entire serial.
  • All entries added to TuesdaySerial must be FREE for anyone to access. Any entry that requires a subscription or purchase to read will be removed from the weekly list.


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