“Janae” by Danita Evangeline Whyte



Salut there,

My name is Janae Lansyn Loilo. I am a seventeen-year-old French Canadian living in Toronto, Canada. Salut is French for hi. I can speak French and English but mostly use English. My dream is to become a professional fashion model and just in case you haven’t heard, Toronto is an awesome place to live. We have amazing art museums, including one totally dedicated to hockey; and an amazing shopping mall which is home to more than 200 stores. The Wonderland amusement park is one of the best in the world, especially the insanely fast Leviathan roller coaster. It’s my favorite ride! And I haven’t even mentioned our world-class sports teams – go Bluejays! But my favorite place to hang out is at church – my church called Elevate Grace.

Due to an incident involving my dad, it wasn’t always like that. I used to hate church – I hated going there, hated the people, hated everything about it. But all that hate changed when I realized the church is actually like one community, filled with imperfect Jesus-followers in the process of being perfected, who are there to help me in my Christian walk and to worship God fully. Church was once irrelevant in my life, but now it is more relevant than ever. By the end of my story, I hope you will see how it can be the same for you.

– Janae

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