Hall of Fame

TS hall of fame

The Tuesday Serial “Hall of Fame” includes all serial stories that were part of Tuesday Serial, have now been completed and have been published either as e-books or print books.  Congrats to all Tuesday Serial contributors who have published their serials!

The Hall of Fame is arranged in alphabetical order based on the name of the serial.

Contributors, please let us know if and when your serials are published (indie, traditional, e-book or print) and we will add them to our “Hall of Fame” section.

“Above Ground” by AM Harte

“Accidental Sorcerers” by Larry Kollar

“Aer Mutatio” by Ayami Tyndall

“Amnar: The Execution” by Isabel Joely Black

“Amnar: The Expulsion” by Isabel Joely Black

“Anvil of Tears” by E.D. Lindquist and Aron Christensen

“Beyond Knowledge” by Ayami Tyndall

“Bodyguard of Lies” by Erin M. Hartshorn

“Case of the Misplaced Hero” by Camille LaGuire

“Crooked Fang” by Carrie Clevenger

“Cultist” by Aaron M. Wilson

“Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, Volume 1″ by Cecilia Tan

“E.L.F.” by M.P. Ness

“I Know You Know” by Helen A. Howell

“Janae” by Danita Evangeline Whyte

“Kandy Fangs” by David Shrock

“Lazarus Experiment” by Christopher Michael Bell

“Madame Bluestocking’s Pennyhorrid” by Monica Marier

“Mind Noise” by Helen A. Howell

“Nothing Is Beyond: The Frontier” by Davy Minor

“Revenge of the Masked Ghost” by Kevin Paul Shaw Broden

“Shattered Remnants of a Dream: Vol 1 – The Death Jam Exordium” by Dan Luffey

“Space Slugs” by Francis Pauli

“Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Volume 1” by SGL

“The Blue Lady” by Sheryl Westleigh

“The Cathari Treasure” by Daniel Arthur Smith

“The City of Roses” by Kip Manley

“The First Tale” by Icy Sedgwick

“The Many Lives of Inez Wick” by Aaron M. Wilson

“The Only City Left – Book One” by Andy Goldman

“The Well’s Orphan” by Nick Hayden

“Verifiable” by Ayami Tyndall

“White Pickups” by Larry Kollar

“Who is Anthony Stephens” by Patrick Anderson, Jr.

“Xenocide” by Larry Kollar