“E.L.F.” by M.P. Ness

mike ness cover


Shannon Hunter, a young eco-terrorist member of the elusive Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) discovers real elves bent on more than petty sabotage…

Plunged into the a world teeming with magic she never really imagined to exist, Shannon discovers the terrible reality left to both Mankind and herself.

The Elves have decreed – “Mankind stands upon its own terminus, heedless of ruin” – and its high time the real protectors of nature strike back.

The only person able to do anything to prevent a supernatural war which mankind cannot hope to fight; Shannon must find a way to overcome her misanthropic ways, and unlock the secrets of the White Leaves to prevent the Elves from making a mistake that threatens not only Mankind but all life on earth.

For their actions may usher extra-dimensional Powers into our world… Powers that cannot be killed.

The contemporary fairy tale, “E.L.F.” is set in a dystopian vein somewhat akin to the Harry Bates’ classic, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, only fantasy, and with far more epic action.

E.L.F.- White Leaves, once a twice top rated serial frequently listed on Tuesday Serial,… now a fully edited 380 page novel complete with chapter one of book two, Blighted Leaves, AND a glossary.

Its available in a variety of formats on Smashwords, and is 25% off the whole of its debut month, July 2013!

You can find it at the following:  Createspace (paperback), Smashwords (e-book), Amazon (e-book), Amazon (paperback), Barnes & Noble (paperback and e-book), Sony Reader store (e-book), and Kobo store (e-book). Its also available in the iTunes store and the Alkido app store.

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