“Cultist” by Aaron M. Wilson


One part gumshoe-fixer and one human refuse, Tad is not the ordinary Cthulu Cultist. He may look crazy. He may worship a tentacled soul-sucking monstrosity. He may eat too much pizza. But if there is a problem that needs to be solved with less finesse that a nuclear strike, he is the man for the job.

A Goat.

A Basket of Kittens.

A Virgin.

These are the things that Tad must acquire for an occult wedding. However, his god is stirring and hungry. Can Tad fill the order while stuffing his god full of souls? The clock is ticking. And, why is his god so hungry all of a sudden?

More information on where to purchase “Cultist”.

Note that “Cultist” appeared on Tuesday Serial under the title “Collector of Souls.”

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