Welcome to #TuesdaySerial! This page is the permanent spot for the #TuesdaySerial Collector.

How does Tuesday Serial work?

  • The collector is open each Tuesday for 24 hours for writers to add links to their new serial episodes. The collector is self-service (meaning that contributors add their own links) and will be open from 12amEST Tuesday until 11:59pmEST Tuesday.
  • The Tuesday Serial Team will compile the weekly report after the collector has closed for the week. The report is generally published on Thursday although sometimes it’s published on Wednesday or Friday.
  • Be sure to follow @tuesdayserial and tweet your links using the #tuesdayserial hashtag (if you’re on Twitter) and/or share your links on our Facebook page (if you’re on Facebook) and read and comment on other peoples’ new episodes.

For more complete guidelines, along with more tips and an FAQ, visit our Tuesday Serial Guidelines page.

Ready to add your link to the collector? Follow these simple instructions:

  • When you click “Click here to enter”, you are brought to the linky screen which has FOUR fields: link title, link, email and name. 
  • For the “Link Title” enter all the information that you want to appear in your entry including your name or pen name. For example: “The Cappuccino Chronicles, Part 3 by PJ Kaiser – A tale of horror about caffeine withdrawal.” You *must* enter the name of your serial, the name or number for the specific episode, and your name or pen name. If you do not enter your name or pen name, we will attempt to find the name on your website. If we cannot find it, then your entry will be deleted.
  • If this is your first time joining us OR if you are a regular contributor starting a brand new serial, then please put “DEBUT” after your title and byline, for example, “The Tortellini Tale, Part 1 by P.J. Kaiser – DEBUT”. If you don’t add “DEBUT” to your entry, you will miss an opportunity to get a special mention in the week’s report.
  • Likewise, if you are posting your final installment of your series, please put “CONCLUSION” after your title and byline. If you don’t add “CONCLUSION” to your entry, you will miss an opportunity to get a special mention in the week’s report and have your serial added to the “Graduates” page.
  • If an audio recording is available along with the text for the episode, indicate this with “audio available.” If your entry is available in audio format only, indicate this with “audio serial.” 
  • For the “Link,” please enter the complete link including “http://”. You must point the reader to a specific episode. If you are new to Tuesday Serial and have a serial in progress, it’s your choice whether to start us at Episode 1 or your most recent episode.
  • Please fill in your email address in the email field in case we need to contact you.
  • Do not fill any information into the name field. We do not use this field and it is not picked up in the report. Put your name or pen name in the “Link Title” field as described above.

In the event there’s a technical problem with the collector or if you’ve made a mistake on your entry, you can add your entry (or corrected entry) via a comment to this page. If you post via a comment, please also let us know via an @ or DM on Twitter (@tuesdayserial) or via email to so we can fix the collector.

Thanks for participating!

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