“Bodyguard of Lies” by Erin M. Hartshorn


Greed. Drugs. Power. And sibling rivalry.

Sabra works as a gladiator, a mixed-martial artist in a sport that has roots in blood sports from knife fighting to wrestling, playing to the crowds and trying to stay on top of the field. And she wins, even if her opponents fight dirty. Then she’s forced into another line of work as a bodyguard for a corporate head who’s gearing up for a war with a rival corp that’s after their distribution deal — and Sabra’s brother is working for the other side.

The war between the corps heats up, chaos erupts on the streets, and Sabra finds herself targeted. Tired of being a fish out of water, her entire focus becomes getting the job done, seeing the war ended, and returning to her old life – if her brother and her new lover will let her.

A science fiction adventure tale of power, justice, and redemption, Bodyguard of Lies speaks to a hope for change that lies in each of us. If you like grim worlds tempered by the possibility of change, pick this up today.

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