“Beyond Knowledge” by Ayami Tyndall



Beyond Knowledge is a provocative tale of growth and self-discovery which investigates the need for fathers in our families and the place of religion in a world of science. Set in a world akin to our own, but with a history gone askew, this story lays bare issues of race, sex and class as it digs into the very fabric of human relations to find what it is that lets us achieve happiness.

America has burned. Russia has fallen. Science reigns as religion dies. In a land once called China, Americans and Japanese fleeing from nuclear wastelands have built a society of strict gender roles and educational classes. In this land of loveless lust children are born from unknown fathers, but one boy doesn’t wish to become just another head of cattle.Gifted with the ability to read the hearts of others, Tye Kawanaka endures the torments of his childhood only to have the one man who understood him torn away in a needless accident.

Striking out against his world and the Oracles who manage it, Tye is in turn struck down by the Wakatters, masters and architects of his world. Remade as their tool, Tye must fight back all the darkness and despair of his soul so he can defy the Wakatters once more and seek out that which they fear and wish to destroy, but which might be Tye’s one hope for completion.

Ancient powers await him in the far corners of Asia as he seeks out what lies Beyond Knowledge.

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