“Amnar: The Expulsion” by Isabel Joely Black

Amnar:  The Expulsion” by Isabel Joely Black.  The sequel to The Execution is here. Arist might have been thwarted, but Arandes and the other Amnari face a bigger problem. The leader of Amin Duum is threatening harm to his own people and even Amnar itself, and nobody seems to know what to do about it. A storm is brewing in the city, and the Amnari’s fragile hold on the city is about to be severely tested.

While the Amnari are secretly rescuing orphaned children in the city, they are dependent on the help of the assistants in orphanages. Nenja, one young woman living on the edge of acceptance in society, finds herself invited to help and must make a choice that could threaten not just her social position, but her very life.

Meanwhile, a brutalised tribe known as the Taija are struggling for survival. Taani bears witness to the expulsion from their traditional home to an internment camp miles away, and their humiliation on the way. As the population begin to starve when food supplies are deliberately withheld, Taani risks her relationship with her family to get them help and keep them fed.

Everybody in and around Amin Duum must now confront the brutality of the regime, and make choices in how they deal with what they see all around them. Political pressures prevent obvious action, and everybody is struggling as hidden, terrifying forces begin to exert their power over the remaining Amnari in the city. Will they be able to hold onto the Holy Complex? And what will happen if they can’t?

You can download “Amnar:  The Expulsion” from Smashwords.

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